5S Construction van Training & Implementation Programme Overview


5S is a workplace organisation method for creating and maintaining an organised, clean and high performing workplace. It helps to organise a work space for efficiency and effectiveness by identifying, storing and maintaining work items in a clear manner .

Programme Target Audience:

One / two employees from each contract who would have responsibility for coming up with the optimum van layouts

Aims and Deliverables:

Standardised van layout for each contract which would provide clear visibility of stock, minimise searching time, reduce damage and portray a professional image of the company

Agreed process to make sure layouts are sustained

Workshop 1 (4 Hrs)

Principals of Continuous Improvement (Focus on 6S, benefits of a neat and tidy work area etc.)

Review two sample vans (one neat, one untidy), discuss practical examples

Define potential benefits for the programme the with the team (quantify time lost, damage etc.)

Agree on the team structure for the practical exercise

Agree on parameters & boundaries for the practical exercise e.g. cost, storage, standardisation per contract or van type

Practical Exercise

Participants work over a two week period to define the optimum van/ workplace layout. May be unique to contract type or van type

Individuals may work as small teams or one large team as agreed at Workshop 1

Team to create mock up of proposals, review with sponsor

Workshop 2 (4 Hrs, approx. 2 weeks after the first workshop)

Review mock ups with instructor, get agreement on layouts

Agree rollout and sustaining process e.g. part of SHEQ audits


Programme Details:

Training & mentoring provided by Lean Touch Solutions limited.

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