Process Mapping Programme


Process Mapping is a method used to define what a business entity does and who is responsible. It allows improvement teams to analyse and measure individual steps, identify waste and define process improvements to create a more efficient business process 

Programme Target Audience:

Employees who are involved in process improvement initiatives in their area of work .

Aims and Deliverables:

In-depth knowledge of Process Mapping techniques. After completing the programme, participants should feel comfortable leading a process mapping session with a group

Workshop 1 (4 Hrs)

Principals of Continuous Improvement (concept of value and waste)

Overview of facilitation skills

Theory of process mapping – As Is, Value Analysis & To Be process mapping 

Practical example of process mapping (trainer facilitates mapping of a selected area with the team to demonstrate the technique)

Practical Exercise

Individuals will work in small team and carry out a process mapping exercise on a selected area (to be completed over a two week period)

Mentoring available from Lean Touch Solutions Limited

Workshop 2 (4 Hrs, approx. 2 weeks after the first workshop)

Review Learning Assignment – Trainer assesses the process maps completed by each team

Trainer reviews classification of value categories (value and waste)

Recommendations / inputs for each individual


Programme Details:

Training Provided by Lean Touch Solutions

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